Pie-a-Day Begins (Again)

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Pie-a-Day #1

Four years ago I felt some as yet unexplained impulse to make a pie a day all summer and share the results with all of you.  It was the beginning of something magical that I could never have imagined.  A worldwide virtual community of the pie obsessed came together to share stories, recipes and photos.  I hope the end result was a lot of contented eating.  I know that I did my part. And of course, what was virtual became actual at our local pie contest.  What a blast!   To inspire us all  for another round this year from today until Labor Day I present some of my past pie making experiences in photos.  Enjoy them, and all  the special community pie effort we have planned for you all summer.  And if you’re so inclined sign up for our 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest.  It’s on Saturday, September 8 at LACMA.  I lift my glass of milk and a cup of coffee to our upcoming pie efforts.  Here’s to you and Pie!