Pie Contest Tips

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Today instead of offering up one of my own pies for the day I thought I’d share some tips for those of you who are entering KCRW’s Second Annual Good Food Pie Contest.

Above all, remember this is supposed to be fun.  If you’re worried about entering because of who the judges are then your worries are over.  They don’t bite, at least, not people.  The contest should be an excuse to do your best on that given day and to join a community of like-minded folks having a good time.

Here are some common sense tips:

  • Make a pie.  Don’t make a tart.  Or, make a tart and know that you won’t win.
  • If making a fruit pie, go to bed early the night before so you can wake up early and make a fresh pie.
  • If making a cream pie, make the fillings the night before so that they settle and are well chilled.  Make the crust the night before too so it will be completely cooled.
  • If you really are hungering for a ribbon make a savory pie.  You will have less competition in that category.
  • Enter a pie you’ve made before or you plan to make several times before the day of the contest.
  • Experiment with different crust recipes.  Pick one.  Make it many, many times.
  • Don’t put your pie in a fancy dish.  You may not get it back.

From the Judges: “Simple is good.”

While is nice to be experimental with unique ingredients, flavors and presentations, it’s important to remember that a well executed traditional pie will draw as much attention from the judges as a pie that could be considered more “cutting edge”.  Remember that last year’s winner was a traditional double crust apple pie.