Pressure Cooker Love: Giant Corona Beans Prepared Two Ways

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Left to Right: giant lima, uncooked corona, cooked corona

Sometimes large dried beans never manage to get that soft creamy center you want in a bean. Unless you cook them in a pressure cooker.  Instead of soaking and cooking for hours, in a fraction of the time you get a perfectly hydrated, tender bean. My recommendation is to find a pressure cooker cookbook you like and use it as a guide. Through trial and not error (but more trial) I’ve discovered that 15 – 20 minutes at low pressure is perfect for these imported Italian Corona beans. Once you have the cooked beans you can freeze them or keep them in the refrigerator and use them over a week. I made two dishes with them. Barley Bean Soup (also in the pressure cooker) and my weeknight take on a cassoulet aka Weenie Beanie.  If you live in the LA area you can try Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market or Surfas for the beans, or the link above.