Recipe: Atole + Chocolate = Champurrado

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First of all the names sometimes seem to be interchangeable, mostly because the champurrado served at trucks doesn’t have a ton of chocolate in it.  Hey, chocolate is expensive so some folks just add a touch.  But you have access to chocolate so you can add a lot for a deeper color and richer taste.

Here’s the most important guide:  Atole + Chocolate = Champurrado

I prefer atole with it’s cinnamon forward warmth tempered with dark brown sugar.  If you make it with rice flour it’s like drinking rice pudding.  I make it with corn flour and maseca because I love the corny taste.  But the best part of making the drinks is that I can pull my cup of atole out of the pot then add the chocolate at which point it becomes Champurrado de Atole de Chocolate or thickened Mexican Hot Chocolate. and the chocolate lovers can be happy too.

The drinks are made of three basic parts
-Flavor Base:  milk, cinnamon sticks (or ground cinnamon), piloncillo (or any really dark or flavorful unprocessed sugar)
-Thickening Liquid:  water and your choice of thickener Maizena (same as cornstarch), Maseca (masa flour), rice flour
-Mexican Chocolate Tablets (Abuelita and Taza are most common in LA)