Recipe: Cookie Dough Cream Pie

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Lindsay Landis likes cookie dough so much that she added it to pie. (And to all kinds of other things, like candies and pizza. Check out her Cookie Dough Lovers’ Cookbook for more.)

Back to the pie. Landis starts with a cookie crumb crust. She presses cookie dough into it, and she fills the pie with a brown sugar cream.

Keep reading for the recipe, and for more of Landis’ cookie dough ideas. Click here to enter YOUR delicious pie (or pies) in the 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest on Saturday, September 8th at LACMA.

Why cookie dough? 

Why not? I know I grew up baking cookies alongside my mom, where licking the beaters was always the ultimate prize. As an adult I’ve been known to have serious cookie cravings, but quickly realized that by the time the cookies were in the oven, my craving had already been satisfied with the dough. And perhaps that’s what I’d been craving all along?

Why did you decide to replace eggs with milk in your cookie dough recipe? Does this change the taste or texture of the dough?

The raw-egg factor is the only thing preventing us from really indulging in raw cookie dough. Not that that stopped us before, but removing the raw eggs gets rid of any worry of getting sick from eating it. It may taste slightly different from the dough you grew up eating, but it’s just as good.

Besides pie, what are some other things we can add cookie dough to?

I’ve thought of just about everything, from your typical cookie dough ice cream, to towering three-layer cakes, and even to breakfast items like waffles and pancakes. The dough, in various forms, makes a great frosting for cupcakes or brownies or filling for sandwich cookies. Put it between two baked chocolate chip cookies. It’s unreal.