Recipe: Dhalpurie (Ground Split Peas Roti)

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This week on the show, Evan talks with Abby Maharaj about Trinidadian food.

Abby adapted this recipe for Dhalpurie (Ground Split Peas Roti) from The Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook: The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

What to cook dhalpurie in? If you don’t have a Trinidadian cooking stone, called a tawah, use the widest cast iron skillet you can find.  “I have a Lodge ‘pizza stone,'”Abby says, ” which is really a cast iron, round griddle with a handle on each side. It distributes the heat nicely for this.”

She adds, “for brushing on the oil when you cook the rotis, nothing beats a smooth bottomed enameled tin cup. Yes, like the kind you would use for camping. An oil brush can sometimes tear the delicate dough. The enameled cup has a nice “roll-on” effect.”

And as for how to properly spell dhalpurie? It might be dhalpuri or dhalpourie. It tastes good however you spell it.

Read below for the recipe.