Recipe: Evan’s Basic Apple Pie – aka Birthday Pie

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We all have personal birthday rituals built up through the years.  Maybe yours is to cry all day and whine about how much you hate your birthday.  I cry before my birthday like many of us, but once the day is upon me what I really want is to carve out some space/time that is all mine.  I want to do what I want to do and nothing else.  This year’s plan was to spend the day bobbing in a friend’s pool along with an eclectic group of friends, even more eclectic food and some good gin.  And of course there is pie.  A friend who is a pie savant made my birthday pie this year.  I requested an apple pie.  Apple Pie was my birthday pie for years growing up despite the fact that my birthday is in July, a month when all manner of stone fruits and berries are bursting with sweetness and flavor.  My apple pie obsession was so nuts that even foreign travel didn’t deter me. During my twenties and thirties when I spent weeks in Italy nearly every year I would pack pie pans, my rolling pin, sometimes Crisco, all purpose flour, and even Granny Smith apples if the trip included my birthday.  This was during the pleistocene age before the globalization of the food supply.  That’s commitment.  I started to think that my friends were inviting me to stay just so they’d get an apple pie.

But the thing is, this year I didn’t want to share.  From the moment I saw a shot of the pie on instagram I knew I would be keeping it all to myself.  So when Nicole handed me the pie at the party, I (maybe not so discretely) tucked it away.  I could see she was a little taken aback.  But hey,  this year’s birthday pie would be very personal.  As in all mine.   And man, did I enjoy every single bite, except for that one piece I gave to my mom.  Don’t judge me.  And for those who must judge I recently lost 10 lbs.  So there.