Recipe: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Hazelnuts

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Photo © Penny De Los Santos

This week on the show, Evan talks with Shauna James Ahern about different kinds of flours you can use if you’re a Gluten-Free Girl like her.  We’ve all seen recipes for gluten-free flours, but Ahern’s are more interesting, because she uses a variety of grains to create interesting flavors.

This recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Hazelnuts comes from Ahern’s book Gluten-Free Girl Every Day. One of the flours in the cookies is teff, which is traditionally used in Ethiopian injera bread.  Ahern says that teff has notes of chocolate and molasses.

Ahern also uses another interesting ingredient – psyllium husks. Many people use gums like xantham or guar to mimic the elasticity of gluten, but some (like Ahern) are allergic to those, and she’s found that psyllium husks can be cheaper. The husks have lots of fiber and they expand in water. If you can’t find whole husks, you can also buy a powdered form.