Recipe: Matzah Brei, Two Ways

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Matzahmatzahmatzah! A five-pound box like this is sitting in my kitchen.

When I think about leaning back at a warm Passover seder, the singing growing louder as the night gets later and the customary four cups of wine get sipped, Passover is one of my favorite holidays. But right about now, in the days before the festival starts, I begin to fill with four cups of dread.

Starting Monday night, any type of bread – as well as rice, legumes, and corn –  will be forbidden for more than a week. What in the world am I going to eat?

The answer is Mazah Brei. Matzah Brei always gets me excited about Passover again.

It’s basically deconstructed French Toast, with soft, doughy matzah, gooey eggs, and whatever accompaniments you have on hand. I like to add raisins for sweetness and vegetables for vitamins.

Or, matzah brei is fried and crunchy and topped with Maple syrup.

My father always emphasizes, holding out one finger, that his family’s matzah brei (the fried version) only uses one egg, and it’s made with water, not milk, like my mother’s.

You should never ask a girl to choose between her parents, especially when it comes to food, so read below for both recipes.