Recipe: No Bake Strawberry and Boysenberry Pie

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Youngberries at Robert and Pat Poole’s farm stand.

When farmers Robert and Pat Poole return to Southern California farmers markets each spring, pastry chefs and berry connoisseurs arrive at the market a little earlier than usual. The Poole’s entire berry crop is designated for their table customers, meaning that the large produce companies who troll the market cannot pre-order flats for chefs. Unlike many other prized ingredients at the Santa Monica Market, this puts high end chefs in competition with your early-rising grandma Jane for the best berries in town.

The Poole’s grow blackberries, boysenberries and young berries on a small plot of land in Redlands. When it comes time to harvest, Poole says he calls on all three generations of the family to come and brave the brambles. His wife Pat says she likes to make a no-bake berry pie and her husband chimed in to say that it tastes best with whipped cream. She was kind enough to share her recipe below…