Recipe: Nora Singley’s One-Pan Pasta

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Using a homemade tomato sauce, here’s my version of Nora’s One-Pan Pasta recipe.

Evan's One-Pan Pasta IngredientsContrary to what tradition dictates, food stylist and culinary producer Nora Singley discovered One-Pan Pasta during a trip to Puglia, where a restaurant proprietor shared his mother’s recipe with her. She admits that the very idea seemed blasphemous until he personally demonstrated its simple expediency—all within nine minutes.

Nora returned to New York and developed this recipe for Martha Stewart Living, where it took the internet by storm. The key is that cooking your pasta together with the sauce ingredients in much less water than you normally would allows you to keep those desirable starches, resulting in a silky, flavorful plate of pasta.

Classic Italian home cooking is the backbone of my cooking, so this transgressive pasta-cooking technique blew my mind. I’ve made it multiple times together with disbelieving Italian friends, who couldn’t fork the result into their mouths fast enough.

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