Recipe: Pimm’s Cup No. 10

Written by
Matt Biancaniello and Laura Avery.

Today on Good Food, Matthew Biancaniello – bartender at the Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel – crafts a farmers market cocktail for Laura Avery on site at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. He brought a cooler full of fancy block ice, some organic agave syrup and his homemade Pimm’s. Then he purchased lemon cucumbers, fresh shiso and a radish at the market which he muddled to make his version of a Pimm’s Cup which he calls the Pimm’s Cup No. 10. He garnished the drink with Anise Hyssop which has beautiful purple flowers. Purple opal basil also makes a nice garnish.

Keep reading for his recipe, complete with how to make your own rhubarb infused Pimm’s Liqueur.