Recipe: Sweet Rose Creamery’s Peach Ice Cream Pie with Warm Blueberry Compote, Candied Ginger-Almond Crumble, and Whipped Cream

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OK, pie bakers. I think you’re ready for a two-day dessert. Shiho Yoshikawa of Sweet Rose Creamery brings us this exquisite concoction of fruit, ice cream, and gingersnap crust: Peach Ice Cream Pie with Warm Blueberry Compote, Candied Ginger-Almond Crumble, and Whipped Cream.

It will take you two days to bake it. But you’ll be glad you did.

One reason you’ll spend two sessions in the kitchen is that Yoshikawa asks you to make your own ice cream. If you’ve never done that before, she has some advice below. The process, Yoshikawa reminds us,  gives the home cook control over texture, fat content, and flavor, something you won’t get from buying a pint at the store.

Read below for Yoshikawa’s recipe, and click here to enter YOUR delicious pie (or pies) in the 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest on Saturday, September 8th at LACMA.

Shiho Yoshikawa’s ice-cream making tips:

-Don’t forget salt.

-Have all ingredients and equipment (especially the ice bath and the fine mesh strainer) ready to go before you start making the custard.

-Cold eggs are easier to separate. Try not to include whites; they are mostly water.  Water will often make the texture icy.   When separated, let the yolks come to room temperature before tempering with hot liquid.

-Do not overcook the custard.  Cook gently and keep stirring to avoid scorching and curdling.

-If cooked too hot, the custard will curdle.  When this happens, there is a way to technically save it by straining and mixing over an ice bath, BUT, the more it curdles, the more flavor is compromised.  If your custard looks like scrambled egg, it’s time to start over.

-Chill the custard as soon as possible and let it “age” in the fridge overnight to improve the flavor and texture.