Recipe: Turnips Gone Wild

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Silky Spicy Turnips
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Turnips.  Such an unsexy word for a defiantly unsexy vegetable.  Yet often surprises await in unlikely places.  Like marrying the technique of braising (eg. moist cooking) with the simple turnip.  When braised the porous root will soak up your favorite flavors like a sponge.  Prefer a Mediterranean twist?  Use broth, garlic and thyme or rosemary and a little tomato.  Want an assertive Spanish side dish?  Add bittersweet pimenton, orange juice and a splash of sherry vinegar and garnish with chopped almonds. Greek?  Do a simple olive oil and water braise and finish with Egg-Lemon Sauce.  As for me, last night I went kind of wild and decided to add heat and silkiness to complement the natural sweetness of the cooked turnip.  Heat was supplied by a liberal amount of Korean Spicy Miso paste and butter made the finished dish luscious.  (An aside here;  Korean Spicy Miso Paste is gochujang- the one in the red box).  From unpeeled raw root to finished dish it took approximately 30 minutes.  I’ll go wild with turnips anytime.