Spelt Gets a Colorful Coat for Winter

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Beet-speltI love spelt in salads.   I find it to be as satisfying as eating meat.  Even after a long cooking in boiling water it remains chewy and dense, unlike farro with which it is often confused.  Because of its great texture spelt is also a wonderful “do ahead” grain.  I keep a few cups already cooked on hand to add to salads or cooked vegetable dishes.  My most recent obsession is combining the spelt with beets.  The rich color and sweet complex flavor of roasted beets permeates the dense red-brown grain to create a dish that’s bright in both flavor and color.  My friend and long time collaborator at Angeli, Chef Kathy Ternay made this lovely salad of spelt and beets and combined it with the sweet acidic tang of tangerines and the crunch of almonds.