Summer corn and tomatillo salad with crispy pig ears by Chef Gavin Mills

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Miro - Chef Gavin MillsIt doesn’t get much more summer than corn and peppers. Lucky for us, there are dozens of sweet corn varieties to choose from, each with its own flavor profile and verdant shade of white, yellow, blue, purple and red. They’ve got great names too: golden cross bantam, silver queen, honey and cream, quicky, bloody butcher, cloud nine. At his newly opened restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Miro, Chef Gavin Mills likes the bicolor varieties that come from cross-pollinating white and yellow plants. He goes through 65 ears of it a week at the restaurant. I’m looking forward to trying Gavin’s recipe for corn and tomatillo salad with — wait for it — crispy pig ears. Fancy! If you want a vegetarian version, the salad stands up just fine on its own without the pig ears.