The Secret to Eggnog? Make it Now and Save it for Next Year

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Last week Evan educated me on aged eggnog. “It’s a thing,” she told me. “I did an interview about it years ago.”

I was skeptical. “Are you sure?” I asked.

Sure enough, it appears that the eggnog trend in 2008 involved making eggnog, putting it in the fridge for a year and then drinking it the following holiday season. I dug up the old interview with Lessley Anderson (who was then at and despite having six years of age on it, her story seems pretty contemporary. Just this week we interviewed Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of the au courant Bar Tartine about their new cookbook. They described several of their pantry items that take 6 months to a year to ferment, so why not eggnog?

Fortunately Lessley and her colleagues adapted the year-long process for the impatient drinker. Below is their adapted recipe that suggests aging the mixture of eggs, cream and booze for a mere 3 weeks. Intrepid drinkers and lovers of eggnog, I challenge you to make this recipe now and let us know how it turns out….next year.