Tomatomania This Weekend -1000s of Plants and Mentors too

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Homegrown Tomatomania Tomatoes

I know you’re lazy today but really it’ll be worth it to get in gear and run over to Tapia Brothers Farm Stand in Encino for Tomatomania.
A tiny effort now will yield staggering deliciousness all summer long.  And inspiration.  Let’s not forget about the importance of inspiration to keep us content to cook each day.  I love color.  It’s why I knit.  Those fibers with all their shades just calm me down.  It’s the same with raw vegetables.  Often the palette of raw ingredients is as satisfying as eating them once cooked.  And nothing massages that optic nerve like seeing orbs of all colors, shapes and sizes hanging off plants right in your backyard.

Last week I heard from a friend that the bottled sauce I gave her was the best she ever had.  It wasn’t me.  It was just the foresight I had to plant varieties that would give me dense flavorful fruits I could cook up with olive oil and garlic to make something primally appealing.  So go to Tomatomania.  Browse the hundreds of labeled plant varieties like you’re in a library and then make some decisions.  Ask one of the knowledgable volunteers for help.  They’ll tell you what plants are best for coastal chill or valley heat.

Also enjoy the fact that Tomatomania is a one stop tomato planting store.  In addition to plants there are bags of planting mix, potting soil, compost, organic fertilizer, cages, pots, stakes and even some basil plants to pair with your future harvest.

Take the kids and enjoy yourself.  And tell us what you bought on our Facebook page.