Reflecting on the pandemic from farms to the farmer’s market

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Alex Weiser and his family have been growing crops for 40 years. He recognizes that beyond the produce, people come to the farmer’s market to socialize. Photo by Gillian Ferguson.

“Farming is always a gamble,” suggests farmer Alex Weiser, who’s a fixture at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Workers never know what a harvest will look like. Weiser and other vendors at the Farmer’s Market — Leticia Garcia, Megan Strom, Romeo Coleman, and Sherry Mandel — summed up the pandemic and its economic effects in one word.

Farmers describe the support of the city of Santa Monica in keeping the farmer’s market open during the pandemic. Photo by Gillian Ferguson.

“Panic” is how Leticia Garcia from Garcia Organic Farms in San Diego County describes this past year. With three young daughters, she was afraid of contracting the virus and bringing it home. Photo by Gillian Ferguson.



Evan Kleiman