Up in the Air

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It might seem that a fifteen hour flight to anywhere would be a nightmare. Not this one. I feel so cosseted by my seat-oh my what a seat (can I get one of these for home?). Slept laying down for 10 hrs, rocked like a baby by the plane making it’s way over the Pacific.

Recently I interviewed Stephen Fried, author of Appetite for America, the story of Fred Harvey the man who brought civilized dining to the wild(ish) West. He also talks about George Pullman the man who created sleeping berths on trains and a cadre of service folks who made the very uncomfortable trips across the emptier country less uncomfortable.

Watching the “flight attendants” I’m struck how in the tradition they are of the very best Pullman porters. Caring for us, their temporary charges like mother hens. Hard work and noble in a way.

So thanks to Qantas for letting us be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. First stop, a tour of the Adelaide market where I hear an egg-bacon sandwich has our (me and Harriet) names on it.