Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters

An immersive series of audio documentaries that focus on the forgotten corners of our minds. Beautiful sounds and stories that explore fear, curiosity and the unknown.

Episode topics include crow death rituals, flesh eating beetles, internet scammers, nudism, hitchhiking, faith healing, transgender childhood, fake Sasquatch sightings, Cthulhu, psychological warfare, and prayers to Satan.

20 episodes per year. Released every other Wednesday from September to June. Produced independently by Jeff Emtman and Bethany Denton.

New research suggests that Neanderthals did many of the things once thought to be exclusively “human.”

David Pearce wants to end all suffering.

Jacob Lemanski tries to write an unreadable book.

Amanda Provenzano says people are too afraid of death; that’s why she became a death doula.

A wonderful episode of a wonderful podcast: the CBC’s Love Me .  Subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

Jeff makes blackout poetry with cassette tapes.

Is your body more of a machine, or a garden?

If there’s a pill that makes people less racist, should cops be forced to take it?