Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters

An immersive series of audio documentaries that focus on the forgotten corners of our minds. Beautiful sounds and stories that explore fear, curiosity and the unknown.

Episode topics include crow death rituals, flesh eating beetles, internet scammers, nudism, hitchhiking, faith healing, transgender childhood, fake Sasquatch sightings, Cthulhu, psychological warfare, and prayers to Satan.

20 episodes per year. Released every other Wednesday from September to June. Produced independently by Jeff Emtman and Bethany Denton.

Should you have the right to hasten your own execution?

An episode where Jeff finds little things on the forest floor and hands them to you...metaphorically speaking.

Lost Notes is a podcast that we love.  It’s about music. We think you should subscribe.

Meeting an ancient relative that’s no bigger than your thumb.

Sudan has been involved in ongoing civil wars since 1983. The wars were about religion, culture and resources. By 2005, approximately two million civilians had died. Listen to the latest episode of Here Be Monsters.

Do you think this is a good world?

A book bound in the skin of its author causes eye-rolls for its modern-day caretakers.

With your eyes closed in a dark room, a voice guides you through the process of dying from AIDS.