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bk120813psychiatry.jpgAllan Horwitz and Jerome Wakefield: All We Have to Fear: Psychiatry's Transformation of Natural Anxieties into Mental Disorders
A damning analysis of the over-diagnosis and over-medication of everyday ailments, grounded in a history of the evolution of the psychiatric profession. Stress- and anxiety-related disorders in particular, they argue, have become big business for big pharma and bad business for the rest of us.

bk120813dead_stars.jpgBruce Wagner: Dead Stars
A book in which people are self-medicating all over the place, and otherwise behaving quite badly. A new novel by one of the most stern and funniest chroniclers of the underbelly of fame, this latest installment includes Michael Douglas -- yes that Michael Douglas -- as a character, and other people we know, and we watch people fail, over and over, to find satisfaction or reach their often tawdry dreams. Wagner is interested not just in the tabloid horror of it all, but the quest for transcendence that drives us, even in our stupidest moments.

bk120813crazy_brave.jpgJoy Harjo: Crazy Brave
One of our central Native American writers for the last decades, has written a powerful memoir. Crazy Brave is more clearly focused on the latter, although her memoir is filled with horrors enough. Harjo means 'crazy brave,' and this lyrical memoir shows the poet growing into and beyond that name.



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