Lost Notes

Lost Notes

A collection of the greatest music stories never told. Music journalist and author Jessica Hopper takes the reins for season two.

Lost Notes Season 2

Celebrated  music journalist and author Jessica Hopper takes the reins of this newest season of the music documentary podcast Lost Notes. The author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic has unearthed an epic haul of untold music stories.

This season looks at artist legacies. How do they hold up? How do they change over time? Learn how decades on, a song can find new meaning, something different than when it was written. Find out what happens when we apply our 2019 politics to 1974’s songs. And hear from pioneering women who have been written out of music’s history.

Subjects this season include a profile of synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani, a reexamination of guitarist John Fahey’s career via the women who knew him best, an interview with ahead-of-their-time 70s female rockers Fanny, a dive into indie songstress Cat Power’s album The Greatest, and much more.

Lost Notes Season 1

The debut season of Lost Notes includes untold stories about The Shaggs, Captain Beefheart, New Edition, the rock anthem Louie Louie from journalists Susan Orlean, Kristine McKenna, David Weinberg and many others. Season one host Solomon Georgio is working on a new collection for Lost Notes called Nightclubbing. It will capture queer music artists and icons at a flashpoints in their career.

Listen to the Lost Notes playlist, featuring music behind the stories from Lost Notes seasons 1 and 2: