Lost Notes Presents: Bent By Nature

Lost Notes Presents: Bent By Nature

A collection of the greatest music stories never told. Join Lost Notes for Bent By Nature, a new 10-part documentary series and digital archive about the most influential American DJ you've never heard of. Deirdre O’Donoghue was a vital force in the musical underground of the 1980s. Countless artists crammed into her studio to perform live on her late-night show, “SNAP!” on KCRW. And after 40 years, those legendary sessions will be heard again. Join Michael Stipe, Henry Rollins, Julian Cope, and more for a sound-packed series from the producers of Lost Notes and Unfictional transporting you to the heyday of ‘80s independent music and the DJ who shaped it.

In 1980, anti-disco sentiment was at a high and Grace Jones was coming off a trilogy of disco albums. If she stayed stagnant, it felt like her career could be swept away.

Most know Minnie Riperton because of one part in one song. “Lovin’ You” was Riperton’s biggest hit, and she doesn’t sing that magic, piercing note until around the 3-minute mark.

In December of 1980, two exiled artists and freedom fighters attempted return to their home in South Africa for a concert.

Punk singer Darby Crash dreamed of immortality.

How Ian Curtis’ indecipherable words turned into the first single for a decade-defining band

In 1980, Sugarhill Gang had to follow-up on 'Rapper’s Delight' with a full-length album. Not an easy task.

Lost Notes: Stevie Wonder hit a slump in the late 1970s. Then his album ‘Hotter Than July’ hit big — really big

This season the poet and cultural critic Hanif Abdurraqib explores the year 1980.