Special Programming

Special Programming

KCRW news, culture and arts programming that's not regularly scheduled.

On November 13, hundreds of producers from around the world — from India to Ireland, London to Las Vegas, Sydney to Santa Monica — revved up their recorders to make an audio story…

The 2021 Emmy Awards air Sunday, Sept. 19, but whether this year’s ceremony marks a return to business as usual for the Academy, the industry, and its audiences remains up in the air.

Nice to Meet You Forever is the story of Shaka Mali Tafari and his best friend Gail, a 78-year-old Jewish woman who grew up attending theatre and opera on the Northside of Chicago.

KCRW's Independent Producer Project and Misha Euceph , founder and CEO of Dustlight Productions, hosted a discussion about podcasting and intellectual property Saturday, October 10.

Hundreds of producers all over the world — from Russia to the United Kingdom and the United States — made an audio story overnight as a part of KCRW’s 8th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race …

KCRW and the California African American Museum have co-commissioned artist Lynnée Denise’s art piece, “Feet Prayer,” and a contextual conversation with the artist, crunk-funk dancer…

From New York City to the San Francisco Bay area, these stories are about heroes who go to extraordinary lengths to save the local wildlife they love.

Best of the Best is a yearly ode to audio storytelling, taking listeners on a journey through the full breadth of what’s possible in stories made from sound.