'Call Me Lucky'

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The documentary Call Me Lucky profiles Barry Crimmins, a stand-up comic with a taste for sharp political satire. In the 1980's, Crimmins ran a Boston comedy club where talent including Stephen Wright and Paula Poundstone performed. Crimmins would sometimes get very angry on stage, and one day, a possible reason emerged.

In 1992, Crimmins revealed during a performance that he had been a victim of brutal sex abuse as a child. He became a crusader who testified before Congress, taking on AOL over the proliferation of child pornography on the internet.

The director of Call Me Lucky is Bobcat Goldthwait, a standup who got his start in clubs owned by Barry Crimmins. That's where goldthwait worked out his... distinctive sound. Now an established director, Goldthwait knows he is doomed to be remembered for his role as Zed in the Police Academy movies.

Bobcat Goldthwait

Goldthwait still does comedy but he also directed Jimmy Kimmel Live! for three years, and his credits include many episodes of Marc Maron's IFC show, Maron.

Barry Crimmins

Goldthwait had wanted to make a film about Crimmins for years. At first, he envisioned making a narrative feature film, with an actor playing the part of Crimmins. But his best friend Robin Williams convinced him to make it a documentary and gave him the funding Goldthwait needed to start the film. Goldthwait wasn't sure the film would be a success, but Williams was convinced it would get into Sundance.

The day Goldthwait filmed his final interview for the film, he learned Williams had died. He thought about putting the film on hold, but asked himself what Williams would have wanted. Goldthwait tells us, "I knew he would have wanted me to finish the movie."

Not only did he finish, but the film made it to Sundance. In a bit of kismet, Call Me Lucky premiered in the same theater where a few years earlier Goldthwait sat next to Robin Williams for the premiere of World's Greatest Dad.




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