Hollywood news banter

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Matt Belloni, editorial director of the Hollywood Reporter, joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • Advertisers are fleeing Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show after allegations of sexual harassment and payouts to a number of women surfaced in the New York Times. Normally a person in O'Reilly's position would be fired, but he brings in so much money to the network, that the Murdochs have been yet to act. The question now becomes, at what point does the pressure become so great that they have to make a move?
  • Jim Gianopulos has officially started his job as the new head of Paramount, and he's already got a challenge in dealing with the whitewashing backlash and box office bomb of The Ghost in the Shell.
  • Along with Paramount, another studio struggling with a lack of franchises is Sony. Its newest Smurf movie comes out this weekend, but up against a still soaring Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby, the Smurfs probably don't stand a chance.




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