Hollywood news banter: major lawsuits alert!

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  • An arbitrator issued a stunning decision that awarded the stars and executive producer of ‘Bones’ $179 million and accused top Fox execs of lying, cheating and perjuring themselves. This all comes as the Disney/Fox merger is about to close, and 2 of the 3 executives named in the decision will have top jobs at Disney, which makes things awkward for Bob Iger.
  • In other legal news, Netflix is gearing up for a big trial over poaching executives that could make current exec contracts at the more traditional studios worthless.
  • As Richard Plepler leaves, it’s the end of an era at HBO. With Bob Greenblatt taking over under a WarnerMedia regime, will the cable giant be able to retain its prestige programming, or will the pressure to make more money lead to broader fare?




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