For director Shaunak Sen, documentary filmmaking is like ‘a fever dream’

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Director Shaunak Sen, whose documentary ''All That Breathes'' is Oscar nominated, poses for a photograph during an interview with Reuters in London on January 30, 2023. Photo by Ben Makori/REUTERS.

For director Shaunak Sen documentary filmmaking is like a “fever dream,” in that when he starts he “sort of jumps off a cliff.” 

The same goes for his latest documentary “All That Breathes,” as he didn’t know where the film “would land.” “Everything that has happened with the film was utterly and entirely outside of my orbit of predictive reasoning as well.”

In this interview, Sen discusses the creation of “All That Breathes,” the rescue work of black kites in New Delhi, the challenges of filming it, and the recognition it has received. 

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