Where does the ‘Yellowstone’ franchise go without Kevin Costner?

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“It's going to be a very difficult hurdle to get [Kevin Costner] back on that show at this point,” says Matt Belloni. Costner plays John Dutton in “Yellowstone.” Photo courtesy of Paramount.

The TV hit-series “Yellowstone” is in a “standoff,” reports Matt Belloni of Puck News. According to Belloni’s sources, Kevin Costner — Oscar-winning director and the lead star on the show — has decided to direct two Western films this summer, leaving a small window of availability for him to shoot the series’ fifth season. Meanwhile, the show’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan can’t write the final episodes without knowing whether Costner will stick around. 

“There is such animosity between Kevin Costner's team and the producers, that they are ready to move on and finish up this version of ‘Yellowstone’ this season, with or without him,” says Belloni. 

If you take Costner out of the “Yellowstone,” does the rest of this franchise suffer? Kim Masters and Belloni discuss. 




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