Aubrey Plaza, John Patton Ford on the student-loan anxiety thriller ‘Emily the Criminal’

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(L-R) Theo Rossi, Aubrey Plaza and John Patton Ford attend the screening of “Emily The Criminal” in New York on August 9, 2022. Photo by Anthony Behar/REUTERS.

When Aubrey Plaza’s colleague handed her the script for “Emily the Criminal,” she was immediately struck by it. “It was just one of those scripts that I started to read, and I just flew through it,” she says. “It's so readable and fun…it has this momentum that propels you forward.”

While Plaza had found her next great project, director John Patton Ford explains why it took 12 years to write the story. With Plaza, they discuss the struggles of making “Emily The Criminal” and independent movies in general, and the film’s unexpected success. 

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