Meredith Scardino made a fake CD with fake songs to pitch ‘Girls5eva.’ Now the show is real

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In the new Peacock comedy “Girls5eva,” a one-hit wonder 1990s girls’ group gets a 21st century opportunity when a rapper named Lil’ Stinky decides to sample one of their tracks in a new song. 

All the members of Girls5eva, played in modern times by Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell and Busy Philipps, have struggled in the years after their brief brushes with fame. They’ve fallen out of touch, and they are now four instead of five, as one member of the group perished in a swimming accident involving an infinity pool. 

“Famous 5eva” music video

Now  the members of Girls5eva decide they have to write their own songs, since some of the material they received the first time may not have had the girl power message they once thought it did. 

Girls5eva is produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the duo behind “30 Rock” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Meredith Scardino was a writer on that show before creating “Girls5eva.” 

“Girls5eva” creator Meredith Scardino. Photo by Gillian Laub

Scardino set out to be an artist and went to Parsons to study painting, but she always had an interest in comedy. She ended up writing for David Letterman and Stephen Colbert’s late night shows. 

She discusses jumping to scripted television and eventually pitching her own show, which she made  during the pandemic. 

Scardino also explains the personal origins of the song “New York Lonely Boy.”

“New York Lonely Boy” music video



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