Hollywood news banter: Disney feels some indigestion

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  • Even though Disney is dominating at the box office, its earnings this quarter came in below expectations. The reason? CEO Bob Iger pointed to Fox, whose assets are being included in Disney earnings for the first time. While Disney has already had some billion-dollar films this year, some films from Fox have struggled. Plus, Disney is spending like crazy to prepare for the launch of its Disney+ streaming service later this year. 
  • Megan Ellison created Annapurna with the ambitious goal of creating a place to make and fund--and even distribute--indie films. It’s been great for cinema-lovers, but not so great for business.
  • The new Blumhouse movie ‘The Hunt’ is supposed to be a satire, but the ads are politically divisive and violent. Following another weekend with mass shootings, some of those ads were pulled. As of now, the film is scheduled to come out in September.




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