Rachel Maddow scores a rich new deal at MSNBC, ABC News staffer files sexual assault lawsuit

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Rachel Maddow is departing from her daily time slot at MSNBC next year, but she’s not leaving the network entirely. The host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” will instead do a weekly show and other special projects for MSNBC. 

The Daily Beast dubbed this “the deal paying Rachel Maddow to work less,” but because Maddow is such a popular host, the network can’t afford to lose her. 

MSNBC will have a big decision to make in what to do with her nightly timeslot, as Maddow is the highest-rated host on the network and currently draws a large group of devoted viewers. 

At another news network, there’s anger and confusion behind the scenes. Earlier this week, a staff member at ABC News filed a lawsuit against a former lead producer of “Good Morning America.” The lawsuit alleges that the producer, Michael Corn, sexually assaulted two former colleagues. Corn unexpectedly left the network in April. His legal team says the claims against him are “fabricated.”

Kim Godwin, the president of ABC News, says she has requested an independent investigation into the allegations and how they were handled by the network.




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