Hollywood news banter: Warner Bros. lays off 600, presses ahead with ‘Tenet’ release

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Bob Greenblatt has been removed from his position as chairman of WarnerMedia entertainment. Kevin Reilly, the chief content officer of streaming service HBO Max, was also laid off. The company began another round of layoffs this week, with about 600 employees expected to lose their jobs.

This points to a larger trend in the entertainment industry: Corporations are refocusing their efforts on streaming during the pandemic. NBCUniversal announced layoffs last week soon after it launched its streaming service Peacock.

Also, AMC has announced that it will reopen nearly two-thirds of its 600 theaters in the United States by the time Warner Bros.’ “Tenet” is released on September 3. The Christopher Nolan film will be the first blockbuster-style movie to come out during the coronavirus pandemic, and many analysts will be watching to see how it performs.

AMC’s reopening will include a mask requirement, stricter cleaning protocols, and promotions to draw customers into the theater. The chain will sell tickets for 15 cents on its opening day, August 20.




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