The Business’ Greatest Hits: Catching up with Gina Prince-Bythewood, Prentice Penny, and Peter Medak

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We’ve heard from lots of interesting guests in recent weeks, and they often have so much to say that we can’t fit it all into one episode. In this leftovers segment, we’re bringing you some more highlights from this summer’s interviews.

Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of Netflix’s “The Old Guard,” reflects on how she transitioned from making smaller drama films to commanding an army for Netflix’s smash hit “The Old Guard.” Prince-Bythewood shares her advice for women film directors and gives insight how she approached her first pitch meetings for the film.

Prentice Penny, showrunner of HBO's “Insecure,” is having a big year. The hit series received its first Emmy nod for best comedy. Penny also wrote and directed the Netflix film “Uncorked,” about a son who defies his father’s wishes and becomes a sommelier. He’s also signed on to direct a holiday movie for Netflix. 

And on top of all that, he’s working on the fifth season of “Insecure.”

Penny talks about how his upbringing helped him to work in both Black and white writers’ rooms.

Finally, filmmaker Peter Medak shares how he ignored the advice from Sid Sheinberg when he was a young filmmaker in the 1960s. Against Sheinberg’s wishes, Medak left to pursue his own movies. Medak joined the show in June to talk about his documentary “The Ghost of Peter Sellers,” about the ordeal of making another movie, “Ghost in the Noonday Sun,” with Peter Sellers, whose reckless behavior on set torpedoed the film.



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