In Ben Berman’s ‘The Amazing Johnathan Documentary,’ nothing is as it seems

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Director Ben Berman and Johnathan Szeles in 'The Amazing Johnathan Documentary,' Photo courtesy of courtesy of Hulu.

When Ben Berman set out to make his first documentary, the plan was to tell a poignant story about The Amazing Johnathan. The comedian and magician was a former year-round headliner in Las Vegas, who had stepped back from his career in 2014, saying a doctor had told him he had only a year to live. Turns out, Johnathan didn’t die in a year, and he decided to launch a comeback tour. It seemed like a great story, but Berman soon found himself dealing with all sorts of complications and unwelcome surprises. Soon it wasn’t so clear whether Berman was making a film about Johnathan or about his own struggles in dealing with Johnathan. Berman sat down with us to pull back the curtain on his new film, ‘The Amazing Johnathan Documentary,’--as much as he could, anyway. without spoiling everything. We wouldn’t normally say this, but if you want to be completely surprised--you might check out the film on Hulu before you listen to the show.



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