Actor Kristoffer Polaha on why he loves doing Hallmark movies

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Kristoffer Polaha did not see being a regular in Hallmark movies as part of his career plan. He was an actor in network TV series, including ‘North Shore’ on Fox and ‘Life Unexpected’ on The CW.

But then he took one gig on a Hallmark movie, and then another, and another. By now he’s been in 5--including 3 of the Christmas variety.

Polaha recently wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter about why he now loves these movies. We invited him to read a version, which he recorded from an hour outside Vancouver, British Columbia, where he’s currently in production for what else?--his sixth Hallmark project.

You can see Kristoffer Polaha in ‘A Small Town Christmas,’ which airs December 16th on the Hallmark Channel.




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