Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri on Oscar-shortlisted 'The Insult'

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Six years ago, Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri broke the law and offended many in his country by shooting a movie in Israel. That film was banned in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. Doueiri’s latest film, ‘The Insult,’ has nothing to do with Israel, but he still has enemies who don’t want his work to be seen. Doueiri tells us about his drive to continue to make movies in the Middle East and admits that the horrible insult that sets off the drama in his new film was based on words he had said in real life. And on the Banter, turns out Michelle Williams didn’t get all the money in the world for doing reshoots on Ridley Scott’s latest film. Mark Wahlberg, on the other hand...

Photo: Director Ziad Doueiri on the set of 'The Insult.' Courtesy of Cohen Media Group.



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