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Matt Belloni, editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • Ridley Scott had only a very short window to regather his cast and crew to do reshoots on ‘All the Money in the World’ after he decided to cut Kevin Spacey and recast him with Christopher Plummer. Scott had been telling people that the cast came back and worked for free, but now it’s become apparent that Mark Wahlberg actually got $1.5 million for the reshoots, while his costar Michelle Williams got only $1000. It’s a bad look for WME, the agency that represents both of them.
  • James Franco showed up at the Golden Globes wearing a Times Up pin, but once he won an award, women started calling him out on Twitter for questionable past behavior. Franco’s gone on late night shows like Colbert and Seth Meyers in an attempt to deny the accusations, but that has only made more women speak up against him. Later in the week, he won a Critics Choice award, but was not there to receive it.
  • Update: After an outcry surrounding the wage disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams for the reshoots of 'All the Money in the World,' Wahlberg is donating the $1.5 million he was paid for reshoots to the Time's Up initiative. The talent agency WME, which represents both Wahlberg and Williams, will donate an additional $500K. 




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