The Hollywood News Banter

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Kim Masters and Michael Schneider of TV Guide Magazine engage in a special all-TV and small screen edition of the Hollywood News Banter"

- The Broadcast upfronts will take place in NY the week of May 13th when the NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and The CW along with Univision will trot our their new Fall schedules and reveal what pilots will become series and which old shows get renewed. 

- Early look at trends: Efforts to capitalize on the one thing that's working on broadcast-- Football. Networks have picked up shows that appeal to the male demographic-- "action packed police dramas" and comedies about dads.  

- The rivalry with Cable channels continues -- An A&E executive asked Ad buyers at their upfronts why they continue to pay a "failure tax" by buying time on the broadcast networks. 

- Youtube floats a pilot program to make some video content accessible by subscription




Kim Masters