The Hollywood News Banter

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Kim Masters and John Horn, film writer for the Los Angeles Times, banter about some of this week’s top Hollywood news stories.

- The expensive costs of sports. The amount that channels like ESPN pay for sports programming is jacking up your cable bill
- Newscorp is acquiring the YES network, the New York Yankees cable channel. This news just as criminal charges are brought against NewsCorp execs who were reportedly involved in the bribery scandal that’s plagued that corporation’s UK tabloids.
- The Hollywood Blacklist revisited. The Hollywood Reporter does a series of articles on the trade paper's role in that dark time in Hollywood's history when so many lives and careers were damaged. The son of the original publisher of THR makes an apology for his father’s role in feuling that Red Scare, and Sean Penn -- who's father Leo was blacklisted-- writes a piece about how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences needs to take responsibility for its role in the blacklist.



Kim Masters