Attorneys for the ‘Rust’ armorer speculate sabotage on set

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It may be months before the full investigation into the “Rust” tragedy is complete, but in the meantime, attorneys for the film’s armorer, the person who oversees weapons on a film, are working to deflect blame away from their client. 

Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence, attorneys for armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reid,  said on the “Today” show that perhaps a disgruntled crew member was trying to sabotage the set by putting live ammunition into the gun. 

There was immediate pushback from the crew, who said the attorneys were being slanderous. 

The shooting will no doubt lead to many lawsuits, including in the civil field. The family of slain cinematographer Halyna Hutchins hired an LA-based firm that specializes in wrongful death lawsuits. 

Meanwhile, actor and producer Dwayne Johnson said he will no longer use real guns in any of his productions. Other big-time producers may follow suit, but for small productions without the budget for VFX, an outright ban isn’t as easy.




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