Paweł Pawlikowski on 'Cold War,' a personal, Polish love story

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Tomasz Kot as Wiktor and Joanna Kulig in Zula, in Pawel Pawlikowski's film 'Cold War.' Photo credit: Lukasz Bak

When Oscar-winning director Paweł Pawlikowski was thinking about making a black-and-white film loosely based on the tumultuous marriage of his Polish parents, he ran the idea by his friend, fellow Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuaron. Now both Pawlikowski and Cuaron have black-and-white films about their families in the awards race. Pawlikowski tells us about making ‘Cold War’ with no set script, editing on the fly, and sometimes shooting scenes over and over. And over. He also shares why he moved back to Poland after many years away and why he, unlike his friend Cuaron, would not make a movie for Netflix.



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