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Matt Belloni, editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • Disney throws down and says it will pull its content out of Netflix and launch two streaming services of its own -- one for sports and one for family-friendly fare -- sometime in 2019. The move represents a giant shift away from the current business model and towards a more a la carte TV future.
  • As media companies like Disney begin to pull out of Netflix, the streaming giant continues to bulk up on originals so they can move towards owning more of their content. Its latest acquisition? David Letterman.
  • John Stankey, the man who will run Time Warner (pending its merger with AT&T goes through) doesn't really watch television. He says he'll be relatively hands-off when it comes to the creative side of things, but some people are wondering if he'll stick to his word.




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