Producer of New Movie 'Get Low'; 'Colin Fitz Lives'

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poster.jpgDean Zanuck, producer of the new movie, Get Low, starring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray goes out on his own, independent of his Oscar-winning producer father and of studio financing to make this indie film.  He talks about being the third-generation in the family business of show business and of living up to his grandfather and father's legacy. Then one filmmaker's efforts to bring his movie back from oblivion.  Robert Bella went into major debt to get his movie into Sundance in 1997. When it didn't sell and no other projects panned out he hit an all time low, even living in a storage space at one point.  Now he's bought back all the pieces of Colin Fitz Lives, and sold it to Sundance Selects where it will finally be seen as a VOD release on August 4.  Sundance Selects VOD platform is available on the main movies 'on demand' platform of most cable providers.







Banner image: Dean Zanuck and Robert Duvall on the set of Get Low. Photo: Sam Emerson





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