Revisiting Bing Liu on his film, ‘Minding the Gap,’ now a Peabody winner

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Keire Johnson, Bing Liu, and Zack Mulligan in a still from Bing Liu’s MINDING THE GAP. Photo courtesy of Hulu

This week, fresh banter! Then, we revisit our conversation with Bing Liu, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘Minding the Gap.’ As a teenager obsessed with skateboarding, he started filming two of his skater friends, and eventually himself, as they moved through a difficult adolescence in Rockford, IL. Over the course of years, Liu realized he had a powerful coming-of-age story on his hands. Liu tells KCRW’s Matt Holzman about following his friends and their fractured families--camera in hand--to make the Peabody-winning ‘Minding the Gap,’ which is available to stream on Hulu.



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