Samuel L. Jackson plays dementia patient in his most personal project

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Samuel L. Jackson arrives for the “Captain Marvel” world premiere on March 4, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. He’s still one of the busiest actors in the industry, and his latest project is the Apple TV+ miniseries called “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.” Photo by Shutterstock.

It took Samuel L. Jackson years to find a home for his passion project, “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.” He’s the star and executive producer of the miniseries, based on a novel by Walter Mosley. Apple TV+ finally stepped up, but Jackson says once the project got going, the trillion-dollar-plus company still pinched pennies when he came to them with budget requests.

“You go, ‘Wait a minute, did you stop selling phones in the last hour or something? In the time we're having this conversation, you've made enough money to do this thing that I need you to do,’” Jackson says.

Jackson talks about his mid-career stardom, the team he’s had around him for decades, and the bumpy road to bringing “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” to life.



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