Carlton Cuse on ‘Jack Ryan’ and other projects

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This week, we’re listening to a conversation between Michael Schneider, co-host of KCRW’s Screengrab and showrunner Carlton Cuse, co-creator of the new Amazon series ‘Jack Ryan.’

John Krasinski stars in this new take--a prequel, of sorts--on the storied CIA agent created by author Tom Clancy. Cuse talks about the long development process for the show, working under regime changes at both Amazon and Paramount TV, and convincing everybody that casting Jim from ‘The Office’ was the right call.

Cuse and his ‘Jack Ryan’ co-creator Graham Roland are already hard at work on season 2 of the series, which will move much of the action to Colombia.

That’s not the only top secret mission Cuse is juggling at the moment--he tells us about the status of the long-awaited ‘Locke & Key’ and what kinds of things he might be working on for the forthcoming Disney streaming service.

And we couldn’t chat with Cuse without a little ‘Lost’ talk. While he tells us a ‘Lost’ reunion made by him and Damon Lindelof isn’t in the cards, he’s open to someone else’s interpretation with other characters. And as for working with Lindelof on another future project? He hopes it can happen one day.



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