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  • Bill Shine, the one-time co-president of Fox News who resigned in May 2017 in the wake of the Roger Ailes scandal, is now on track to become the head of communications for the White House.
  • The new CEO of Fox News, Suzanne Scott, recently held a meeting with producers, telling them they need to be held responsible for what their hosts and guests say on air. This follows several recent inflammatory remarks from Fox News hosts and panelists, including Corey Lewandowski’s infamous “womp, womp,” in reaction to a child with Down syndrome being separated from her parent.
  • NBC News dragged its feet on yet another sexual misconduct story. Sil Lai Abrams accused two men--Russell Simmons and A.J. Calloway--of sexual misconduct. Late last year, she took the story to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who worked on it for months, before NBC ultimately pulled the plug on the story in April




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